Customer Service

Different company specializes in concentrated and efficient acquisitions, in a short time and at low price differentials enormous reach hundreds of percent, without compromising the highest quality products available in the world.

Before the trip, we provide you with services and help, began handing out the visa to China, flights, hotels and transportation from airport to hotel.

You just select the flight to China and write a shopping list detailed and accurate, we will accompany you all along, depending on the quality, design, style and price range that you objects, the process will be optimized and the most comfortable for you, so all you do then when you get to China, enjoy and choose carefully not out of pressure when desired products.

The whole process of treatment, before and after the purchase with the Chinese manufacturer - order, strict quality control, collection and shipping, it's our job.

We are the first company that started the personal imports from China 6 years ago, all the manufacturers from whom you buy, the elite companies in the world, giving responsibility for a variety of products and billed under the highest standards in Europe and the United States.

Quality control procedure in our society, is very strict, it's product is not compatible with the customer and the customer's order - we are responsible for replacing, we also are responsible for payment to suppliers, any amount transferred to us or provide, we guarantee it.

China will be waiting for you and dedicated professional staff of Different company, personal attention and exemplary tolerance.

We monitor all stages of production, particularly rigorous, so that the product you have ordered is the product that you will receive.

After your return to your country, we continue the devoted care and provide an answer to all requests and questions.